Begin by taking our survey about your background. This is so the department can understand the background (if any) of our students.

In order to use the project for today, you need to copy it into your account. First, log onto a computer (same username and password as your email).

You can find that project from the Start menu by selecting Computer, departments (drive W:), CompSci, CS141, and finally chapter01. Then you'll see the folder figures. This contains the project; BlueJ represents projects as a folder (and all the files in it).

Now you need to find where to copy it to. Again, begin with the Start menu. This time select Computer, the drive labeled with your username (it's drive Z: for me and probably for you as well). To keep your files organized, I suggest creating a CS141 folder in this drive (just right-click in the window).

To perform the copy, drag the figures folder to its new home. (You'll be copying rather than moving the folder.)

Now you are ready to actually start BlueJ. You can find it in the Start menu under All programs, Remote Applications, Knox, BlueJ, then BlueJ_s. Use this version instead of the local copy, which is configured for a different class.

BlueJ should now appear. Once this occurs, select ``Open project'' from the Project menu at the top of the window. Navigate to the directory to which you copied it and open the figures project.